Pro Tips: How to keep the workplace safer?

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How to keep the workplace safer?

We have put together a list of the best ways to bring more safety to the work at height environment. This way, you can adapt your business to the UAE guidelines and guarantee the integrity of your professionals.

Assess the relevant risks of each task:

UAE requires a risk analysis of all work carried out at heights of 2 meters above ground level. From this process, it is possible to predict some situations capable of leading to accidents. Such as external influences and other events present on a construction site.

With risk analysis, it is also possible to determine possible corrections to bring more security to professionals. Daily lives through an assessment of possible threats existing in the work environment or in activities performed. for working safely course in UAE click Here

Offer training to your employees:

Training your employees is an excellent measure to prepare them for working at heights and avoiding accidents. Your teams must have the theoretical and practical training necessary to carry out their activities efficiently and safely. With good training, your team members will be prepared to act in the best way possible in risky events and avoid accidents.

There are several training programs that have, on average, a minimum workload of 8 hours and which can vary according to the activities carried out. After completing this course, the worker must be considered capable of carrying out their activities. To this end, some technical and health examinations are carried out to prove the training of professionals.

Make PPE available:

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) are fundamental pieces in any work environment. With them, it is possible to increase the safety of professionals and bring a better quality of life to all team members. Therefore, when carrying out activities at heights greater than 2 meters, it is essential to make these items available to your employees.

Some of the mandatory PPE for this type of service are:

Parachute belt;
Retractable fall arrester.

With them, the company is able to maximise safety in the workplace, avoiding accidents and injuries that could cause serious health problems or permanently disable professionals.

Furthermore, it is necessary to prove the efficiency of the PPE used in daily work. There is no point in providing them if they are not sufficient to support the weight of the workers or are not in good condition.

Remember that it is the company’s responsibility to choose the appropriate PPE to carry out each activity. Therefore, it is crucial to assess whether items are capable of offering full safety and protection to users and preventing accidents.

Provide a safe structure:

In addition to having professional training and providing quality PPE for your team. A good structure is also a huge difference when it comes to avoiding accidents when working at heights. To achieve this, the company can reduce the time professionals are exposed to risk. Such as by offering assembled parts to carry out repairs.

There are also other ways to minimize the occurrence of accidents, such as installing guardrails in places where activities are carried out. Protective screens are also another option that can help reduce imminent falls.

Renting lifting platforms can still be an efficient way to safely move professionals vertically and ensure quick and efficient work.

Create a maintenance plan:

Planning maintenance is essential to maintain safe work on high platforms. It helps ensure that all equipment and structures are in good working order, minimizing the risk of accidents.

Without meticulous monitoring, machines tend to present unexpected failures and damages that significantly increase the risk of falls and other serious accidents. Furthermore, lack of regular maintenance results in lost productivity and increased operating costs.

Therefore, when putting together a maintenance plan, you must include periodic inspections of all equipment. Structures used when working at heights, clear procedures for repairs, changing parts and preventative maintenance. It is important that inspections are carried out by qualified and trained professionals to safely identify and correct problems.

By maintaining a regular maintenance schedule, companies not only create a framework of trust for their employees but also comply with safety standards and government regulations. In addition to maintaining a record scheme about the equipment’s history and the recurrence of failures, for example.

This makes it much simpler to understand which equipment needs to be replaced as early as possible and prepare yourself financially to find the best opportunities and avoid periods of downtime. For managing safely course click here

Ready! By following our tips, you will be able to offer excellent safety when working at heights for your employees. Lifting platforms are a great way to facilitate the process, eliminating the need for scaffolding to carry out tasks in places above 2 meters.

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